Current Students


A transcript is an official record of your academic history at the College, including classes attempted/completed, grades, and degrees, diplomas, and certificates earned. Typically, an official transcript is required by other colleges or universities when a student transfers from HGTC. Also, many employers now require transcripts to verify academic background when individuals apply for jobs.

All requests for HGTC transcripts are handled by the Office of the Registrar on the CONWAY CAMPUS ONLY.

If your official transcript is to be sent to another institution or to an employer...

The following information is required to process your request:
1) Completed Transcript Request Form.
2) Your name, mailing address, Social Security number, and/or college ID number.
3) Your dates of attendance at Horry Georgetown Technical College.
4) The exact mailing address where the transcript will be mailed.
5) The number of copies to be mailed to this address. ($7 per copy)
6) Your delivery instructions: either mail it 1) now, 2) after grades are posted for the current term, or 3) after your graduation notice is posted. (Please allow two to three weeks for your degree notation to be posted).
7) Your signature, which serves as the authorization to release your transcript.

If your transcript is to be picked up by another person...

1) State the person's name, and
2) Include the name in the written request.

If transcript is to be faxed...

Please include the correct fax number.

For an official transcript to be released to you...

Provide a Transcript Request Form

Note: Many colleges and universities will not accept a transcript delivered to them by a student. Prior to requesting this service, please verify with the receiving college or university that a student-delivered official transcript is acceptable. If the college will accept a transcript from you directly, the transcript will be placed in a sealed envelope, which should not be opened by you. Cost per copy is $7.

Transcripts sent via fax to you, another college, or university or employer...

Provide a Transcript Request Form

Note: Most colleges and universities will consider a transcript sent to them via fax as an unofficial transcript, thus a follow-up electronic or mail copy must be sent.

Important Information:

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires educational institutions to obtain a signed release from the student prior to releasing confidential educational records. Therefore, the HGTC Registrar's Office must have signed documentation to release a student transcript.