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Each Semester, the SSTC holds pre-scheduled classvisits and/orworkshops for students, which are conducted in scheduled locations at all three campuses. Class visits are prescheduled brief 15 minute visits to your class to inform students about our free support services.

Workshops, which can last up to an hour, provide an overview of SSTCservices and teach critical academic success and technology skillsto students. Wehelp students identify and begin using the most helpful and critical academic tools for their success. Some instructors maygive extra credit to students for attending these workshops.
Instructors please send a request to the SSTCfor specifc workshops orinformation sessions for individual classes, or by contacting the SSTC at the campus where the workshop will take place.

How to Recommend Tutors

The SSTC holds the highest regard for faculty and their mission in the classroom. We trust thatfaculty understand their students,their career endeavors, their strengths and weaknesses, and their capacity to tutor others.

The SSTC encourages and depends on faculty tomake tutor recommendations to provide our centers with capable and knowledgeable student tutors. Faculty are welcome to make recommendations at any point in time during the academic year; we strive to have the centers fully staffed with tutors by the timethe Center opens tutoring sessions duringthe second week of the academic semester.

We employ work study and non-work study students as demand and funds exist.Click below to start recommending students to work in the SSTC as an academic or technology tutor.

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