Current Students

Counseling Services

HGTC Counseling strives to optimize stuCounseling Servicesdent success through managing personal and academic concerns that may interfere with achieving educational goals.

Staff are available to every student for assistance and guidance on career exploration, personal matters, academic concerns and other areas of concern.

Services Include:

Career Assessment and Counseling [top]


Choosing or Changing Majors

Unsure about what you want to major in? Meet with one of our experienced career counselors. Through career assessment and counseling, they can help you choose a major that is congruent with your personality type and your interests and goals. They can also show you how find out crucial information about potential occupations (i.e. projected job outlook and salary information).

Thinking about changing your major? Our counselors can help you narrow your focus and make the right choice to lead you toward your desired employment. Counselors will also evaluate the effect of a change of major on your Financial Aid. 

Myers Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory Sample Assessments

Personal Counseling Resources [top]

Events/experiences in our personal lives directly impact our ability to succeed in our academic lives. Counseling staff are available to assist students with finding community and college resources.


Georgetown County
Horry County
Waccamaw Mental Health
Suicide Prevention

Rape Crisis

Rape Crisis Center: Horry and Georgetown Counties: 24 Hour crisis hotline: 843-448-7273


Shoreline Behavioral Health Services
Alanon-Alateen (support group for family of alcoholics): 843-449-0187
Alcoholics Anonymous: 843-445-7119
Narcotics Anonymous: 843-449-6262
Gamblers Anonymous: 843-692-9335 or 877-864-4427


Adult Education

Georgetown County
Horry County
Literacy Council