Student Information Center: WaveNet Central

Student Information Center: WaveNet Central

The Student Information Center: WaveNet Central assists students and community members to complete the majority of the application and enrollment process in one location. It is also the best place to get answers to questions about Horry Georgetown Technical College and it should be the first stop for new, continuing, and graduating students to access information sessions related to their success. Cross-trained WaveNet Central Specialists are knowledgeable about admissions, financial aid, student portals (WaveNet and D2L), and many other areas.

The Student Information Center services include:

  1. Obtain assistance in applying to HGTC and complete the financial aid process
  2. Find and access information about HGTC programs or services
  3. Attend information sessions for academic enhancement or personal enrichment
  4. Additional services such as printing test scores or scheduling testing center appointments

1. Access information about and support in applying to HGTC and for financial aid

  • Complete an online admissions application
  • Obtain assistance in requesting unofficial or official transcripts from other colleges
  • Obtain assistance in printing test scores for SAT or ACT
  • Complete your FAFSA: the Federal Application for Free Student Aid
  • Fill out and print loan counseling/promissory note paperwork
  • Access and print missing requirements for Financial Aid forms
  • Check Financial Aid status and referrals to FA specialists
  • Register/enroll in classes and establish a payment plan to secure your class schedule

2. Access information about HGTC

  • What is WaveNet portal and how/why do I need to use it? 
  • What is D2L and how/why do I need to use it?
  • Where do I get a parking decal?
  • Where is my professor's office?
  • Maps of the college campus
  • What if my email does not work?  Come see us to help troubleshoot your WaveNet email in collaboration with HGTCs Helpdesk.

3. Attend information sessions: personal development, career development, financial aid, tutorials, academic enhancement, technology, and more

  • Review Degree Works for required program courses and register for classes
  • Check and print course schedules, add/drop classes, check grades
  • Complete Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at our Advising Center
  • Attend online or in-person New Student Orientations
  • Find information and schedules for HGTC services
  • Sign up for New Student Orientation
  • Schedule Testing Center appointments
  • Schedule tutoring appointments at the Student Success and Technology Center (SSTC)