University Transfer Students

South Carolina has 33 public higher-education institutions, including 13 universities, 16 technical colleges, and 4 two-year regional campuses of the University of South Carolina. HGTC offers students the opportunity to earn a degree, diploma, or certificate and is a gateway to senior colleges and universities.

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education has created a web portal,, designed to facilitate college course transfer and articulation in the state. All South Carolina public institutions of higher education, two-year and four-year alike, work together to make it easier for students to transfer academic credit. Learn more about transfer at SCTRAC.

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Transfer Agreements

To make it easy for HGTC students to transfer to senior institutions, the College has negotiated transfer agreements for those who graduate from certain HGTC programs with their associate degree and the minimum grade point average. Many HGTC courses will transfer to most senior institutions; however, applied sciences courses transfer only to specific majors. Students should meet with their advisors to plan course selection. See how your credits will transfer:

Bridge Programs

Bridge programs facilitate transfer for those students who enter HGTC with a firm plan to transfer to a specific senior institution. Bridge programs allow students to apply to both institutions simultaneously and to benefit from services of both institutions during the freshman and sophomore years. HGTC participates in Bridge programs with the following: The HGTC Admissions Office or offices at any of these institutions can provide more information.


Additional Transfer Options

University Transfer Information

Students have many options to transfer directly to a specific program of study, based on the receiving institution's requirements and policies. The HGTC Catalog contains more information about transferring to state universities. Students should also speak to a representative at the receiving institution to verify the transfer requirements for their program of choice.


Research University Transfer

Clemson University, the University of South Carolina, and the Medical University of South Carolina are recognized as the State's three research universities. HGTC strongly encourages you to speak with representatives at the institution to which you plan to transfer.

Public University Transfer for colleges in South Carolina

Private University Transfer Information for colleges in South Carolina

Private University Transfer Information for colleges outside of South Carolina

Transferable Courses

The Statewide Articulation Agreement of 86 courses approved by the SC Commission on Higher Education for transfer from two- to four-year public institutions is applicable to all public institutions, including two-year institutions and institutions within the same system. You can view the course equivalency information for all SC public institutions and many, many more at