Online Learning

Policies and Procedures

Be aware of the policies and procedures that differ with online courses compared to traditional courses.  You will find these below:

HGTC Policy on Network Communiction 

All users of the College’s computers and data network understand and accept that all electronic communications, regardless of their subject, content, nature or format, are “public records” of the State, subject to release through the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act. Except for the limited exemptions specified in Section 30-4-40 of the Act, neither the institution, nor the individual has a right to privacy. Therefore, all electronic actions and communications should be created and distributed under the assumption that the whole world may see them. 

Attendance Policy for Online Courses 

Students enrolled in on-line courses for which campus attendance is not required must fulfill the following attendance requirements. 

You MUST establish contact with your professor within the FIRST 5 class days of the semester – failure to do so may cause you to be dropped from the course. Contact can include visit, phone, e-mail or course logon. *Failure to contact is the equivalent of failure to attend; student will be dropped and refunds are not automatically issued.

Online students must maintain interaction with the professor as stipulated in the course syllabus which may include: telephone, email, D2L, or in person.  Failure to contact according to this schedule is considered excessive absence.

*Students dropped from courses for excessive absences as defined by these requirements are automatically assigned a "W" grade prior to the two-thirds point and an "F" grade after midterm.

*Students who fail to complete a scheduled test without contacting the professor are subject to drop for absences.

If you find that you’re unable to complete a course, notify the professor immediately by e-mail or by phone. Also, you should go to MyRegistration Tools under the MyStudent Tab in your WaveNet account to withdraw from the class. Please pay attention to the withdraw and refund deadlines printed in the academic calendar. The grade of “W” will be awarded through the two-thirds point of the semester. Afterwards, a grade of “WF” (Withdraw Failing) will be assigned if the student is failing the class or a “W” if the student is passing.  

Refunds are provided to students who register for an online class only if the withdrawal process is completed and meets the refund date deadlines.  The College Catalog at www.hgtc. edu explains refund deadlines.  

 Process for Student Concerns 

If you have a concern about the instruction, the professor , or your grades, you must follow this process for resolving your concerns. 

1.   The student should first communicate with the professor to seek solution for the problem. 

2. If this contact does not resolve the problem, the student next communicates with the academic chair to seek solution. The professor or the student may contact to indicate the concern and no resolution. From that point, the academic chair will assist in seeking a solution or refer the student to the appropriate person. 

3. The HGTC Catalog and the Student Code and Grievance Procedure provides details about this process. 

 Financial Aid Information 

Students receiving financial assistance (including grants, scholarships, VA benefits) must be aware of their obligations regarding the financial award and penalties for paying back unearned monies.  The Standards for Academic Progress (SAP) and Earned Aid policies affect your aid.  If you withdraw from class or completely withdraw from the College, your aid may be affected, based on Satisfactory Academic Progress regulations.  You will likely be required to repay the Financial Aid program which awarded the benefits for overpayments. Make sure you are aware of all policies that affect your aid. If you don’t know ask—especially before your drop classes!  

Contact the Financial Aid Office for policies, or more information (843) 349-5251. 

International Students 

International students should check with their Designated School Official before registering for an online course. 

Veteran Students 

Veteran students who wish to enroll in Distance Learning classes should review the website,, for current information regarding eligibility and benefits for online enrollment.   The VA toll-free number, 1.888.442.4551 (GI Bill-1), allows students to speak with a VA Case Manager.