TRIO Programs

ETSEducational Talent Search

The Educational Talent Search (ETS), a federally funded TRIO program of the U. S. Department of Education, is designed to assist students in reaching their academic potential. The program assists students who meet federal income guidelines and those who may be the first in their families to go to college.

The services of ETS are offered through guidance offices in selected schools of Horry and Georgetown counties.

ETS provides the following types of activities for participating students in Horry and Georgetown counties:

  • Academic, personal, group, and peer counseling
  • Advisement on selection of secondary-school courses
  • College orientation
  • Career exploration
  • Study skills and test-taking techniques
  • Visits to college campuses
  • Assistance in applying to any college, university, or other qualified senior institution
  • Financial aid workshops
  • Middle-school summer day camps
  • Tutoring in algebra and English workshops with parents to foster strong parental support
The services provided by ETS are free. Every week, the ETS counselors visit each school they serve; an appointment may be made by contacting the ETS counselor for your school.

Individuals who are currently out of school can reach an ETS counselor by calling Horry Georgetown Technical College at 349.5277. The ETS staff serves interested out-of-school clients like a high-school guidance counselor would. GED preparation and career assessments (COPES, CAPS, and COPS) are available to stimulate career thinking, awareness, and development.


Who is eligible?

Target schools are Andrews High, Carvers Bay Middle and High, Conway High, Georgetown Middle and High, Green Sea-Floyds Middle and High, Loris Middle and High, and Rosemary Middle. The ETS program's primary aim is to identify eligible participants who have demonstrated “educational talent” and to help them develop an educational/career plan. In addition to middle- and high-school students, individuals who never pursued a college education after high-school graduation are also eligible (no age restrictions).
Click here to download an ETS application.


Follow These Easy Steps to Apply:

  1. Fill in your personal information on the first page of the ETS application. Tell us something about yourself by completing the attached application questions, which we have started for you.
  2. Choose a teacher or counselor who knows your work as a student and ask him or her to fill out the recommendation form.
  3. You and your parents should complete the secondary release form. Please ask your guidance counselor for a copy of your complete high-school transcript.
  4. Please fill out the entire application. You must include your Social Security number (SSN). All information disclosed to the Horry Georgetown Technical College Educational Talent Search program is confidential. The SSN is used for identification and reporting to the US Department of Education, our funding agency.
  5. Ask your parent or guardian to read and sign the Parent Contract of Participation. You will need to read and sign the Student Contract of Participation, as well.

ETS Staff

Keisha Kirkland, Director
Paula Grant, Administrative Specialist
Janet Keith Thompson, Counselor/Coordinator

Yashica M. Holmes-Smith, Counselor/Coordinator

Vicki Hemingway, Counselor Coordinator
Tutoring Staff
Edrick Alston
Candace Kelly
Lindsey Inman