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TAPTechnical Advanced Placement (TAP)

Technical Advanced Placement (TAP) is an Advanced Placement (AP) program for high school students who are enrolled in Career and Technology Education courses —usually without the requirement of testing.

High school faculty and HGTC faculty meet and review the competencies needed for entry-level college classes to assure that high school programs require the same skills. If they agree that these skills are the same, an agreement is signed for TAP.

TAP benefits students by:

  • Saving money on college tuition, fees, and books
  • Accelerating progress to college completion
  • Reducing duplication of instruction
  • Providing opportunities for expanded program content
  • Improving job-readiness skills
  • Improving job-placement potential
  • Earning college credit
  • Motivating students to continue education

Who is Eligible?

Students can take certain high school courses and complete specific requirements to receive TAP credit at HGTC. These courses may fill a skill requirement or serve as electives, both of which help you to meet graduation requirements. You are awarded credit for the course and are not required to retake the course at HGTC. To participate in TAP, it may be as simple as having your teacher submit the Teacher Recommendation form for some courses; for others, requirements may include completing a TAP exam or taking the HGTC placement test.


Admission Requirements

In order to enroll in the TAP program, a student must:
  • Master the skills and competencies of the high school course(s).
  • Earn a “B” or better in the courses(s).
  • Receive a Teacher Recommendation form by the high school teacher.
  • Submit the information to the HGTC Admissions Office.
  • Apply to HGTC by submitting the Admission Application, plus the $30 application fee, high school transcript, and placement information.
Note: Students must enroll at HGTC within 18 months following graduation to be eligible for TAP.


How Do I Get Credit?

  • A student must apply to HGTC (complete the application process and pay the $30 fee), and register (which includes payment of tuition) in order for TAP credits to be accepted and entered on the student's transcript. The course will show on the transcript with the grade symbol “E,” which means the student earns the credit hours, but no grade is calculated.
  • HGTC will award credit to students who enroll within 18 months of their graduation date and who have the TAP Teacher Recommendation form on file in the HGTC Admissions Office. The Teacher Recommendation form acknowledges that the student has completed the required courses with a grade of 85 or higher. This form should be completed at the time the student completes the course; a copy is then given to the student and to the high-school guidance office.
  • Each student is responsible for submitting the Teacher Recommendation form to the HGTC Admissions Office at the time of application for admission.
  • If a student applies after the 18-month cutoff, he or she can request consideration of credit by exam in order to demonstrate mastery of skills.
Note:TAP credits may transfer from HGTC to other technical colleges and, possibly, to some senior institutions; however, that is the decision of the receiving transfer institution. Contact the admissions office at the transferring institution.


Teacher Resources:

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High school counselors, high school career and technology teachers, and the HGTC Admissions Department can provide more information.