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Health Science Emphasis - Associate in Science

Students who are interested in a Health Science career may enroll in the Associate in Science - Health Science Emphasis program in order to select the courses they will need for admission into the Health Science program of their choice. When students apply for admission into this degree program, they select a concentration: Nursing Preparation (N), Practical Nursing (LPN), Dental Hygiene Preparation (DH), Radiology Preparation (R), Physical Therapist Preparation (PT), or Surgical Technology Preparation (SUR). 

Students who are interested in this degree program should contact their Academic Advisor for assistance in course selection. Please note that selecting a concentration is for advising purposes only and does not imply automatic acceptance into that specific limited-enrollment program. 

Each of these Health Science programs has unique admission requirements for eligibility. Click on the Health Sciences Admissions link for more information about the requirements for admission into your specific program. 

Credit Requirements: 60 semester credit hours