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CulinaryCulinary Arts Technology - Associate in Applied Science

The Culinary Arts degree program prepares students for positions as professionals in food service operations such as hotels, resort restaurants, healthcare facilities, and catering operations. Students study both theory and practical kitchen applications of the requirements of quality food preparation. Graduates may be eligible for ACF certification. Education within this field offers a range of employment opportunities and career progression in the culinary arts, baking, and pastry preparations. 

HGTC is anticipating growth in the Culinary Arts with projections for a new state-of the-art facility in the near future. Currently, first-year students attend classes on the Grand Strand campus and second-year students attend classes on the Conway campus. Students have the opportunity to participate in internships to observe and practice culinary skills. 

HGTC's Culinary Arts Technology program is accredited. For more information about HGTC's accreditations, click here.