Employment Opportunities

Temporary Employment

Welcome to Horry Georgetown Technical College! We are pleased to have you as a temporary employee of the College.

Please complete the following paperwork to ensure timely processing of payroll. Any wages earned will not be paid until all required documentation has been submitted to Human Resources. Instructions for completing and submitting the required documents are included in the packet.

>>Download the Temporary Employment Packet

►Notes regarding the Temporary Employment Packet:

• The packet contains a South Carolina Retirement System, Non-Membership Form. If you wish to participate or are an active member of the SCRS/PORS or State ORP, please contact Melissa Myotte at 843-349-7533 or email her at  Melissa.Myotte@hgtc.edu

• A copy of your Social Security card must be submitted for payroll purposes. Please note that the name under which you are being employed must match the name on your Social Security card; e.g., if you have married, divorced, or otherwise changed your name, a new Social Security card must be obtained. ALL documents must reflect your LEGAL NAME.

View HGTC's  Temporary Payroll Practices & Direct Deposit

Information regarding WaveNet Pay Stub Access

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