General Exit Procedure

Retirement Policies

When an employee retires from HGTC, there are several benefits and policies that apply.  

  • South Carolina Retirement Systems (SCRS):

- SCRS Application Checklist

- SCRS Application - Retirement & TERI

- SCRS Withholdings

- SCRS Average Final Compensation (AFC)

- SCRS Electronic Transfer

  • Employee Insurance Program (EIP):

- EIP Retiree Insurance Eligibility

- EIP Retiree Notice of Election (NOE)

- EIP Portabilty vs Conversion of Life Insurance Information

- MetLife Portability/Conversion Form

- MetLife Conversion Form

  • Medicare at Retirement:

- Medicare Eligibility Guide

  • Employee Leave

- Annual Leave (Staff) or Banked Leave (Faculty) balance, up to 337.50 hours/45 days, at Resignation/Termination/Retirement will be paid out to the employee in final Payroll or may be rolled over to a qualifying account, such as 403(b), 457, and/or 401k.

- Annual Leave or Banked Leave up to 337.50 hours is paid out upon retirement, and for SCRS participants, this payout is included in the Average Final Compensation (AFC) computed by the SCRS. This can increase a retiree's benefit amount. For more information, please refer to the SCRS Member Handbook, starting on page 15.

- Sick Leave (SL) balance will be forfeited at retirement. However, employees can transfer up to 675.0 hours/90 days to SCRS to be added to their SCRS Service Credit. 

- Exiting employees may also donate up to 56.25 hours/7.5 days of SL to the College Sick Leave Donation Pool.