General Exit Procedure

General Exit Information & Terms

It is the policy of Horry Georgetown Technical College that all employees who resign, retire, or are terminated will participate in an Exit Interview. The Exit Interview is designed to identify the reason for separation, explain benefits, rights, and privileges of the terminating employee and to ensure the return of all College property, paperwork, and records.

  • EIP Active Termination form will be provided to the exiting employee by the Benefits Manager.
  • COBRA Notification, Notice of Election (NOE), and Rates will be mailed to the exiting employee's W2 listed address, within 14 business days from last day of employment.

COBRA Premiums

  • Final Payroll will be a "live" check that can be obtained in person from the Human Resources office or can be mailed to the exiting employee's current W2 address or forwarding address at exiting employee's request.
  • Annual Leave (Staff) or Banked Leave (Faculty) balance, up to 337.50 hours/45 days, at Resignation/Termination/Retirement will be paid out to the employee in final Payroll or may be rolled over to a qualifying account, such as 403(b), 457, and/or 401k.