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Welcome Faculty Member Employees! 

The Faculty Non-Work Day Procedure has been updated, effective the 2011-2012 Academic Year. Below is a webinar and PowerPoint that review the revised procedure.

Faculty Non-Work Day Procedure Webinar 

FNWD Procedure Update 2011

► Faculty members submit their leave time via a Leave Request form that is to be filled out and turned in to the Supervisor / Academic chair.

Faculty Leave Request Form

Faculty Leave FAQ

Absentee Form- For Supervisors / Academic Chairs

► Faculty members also have the option to bank hours throughout the Academic Year, as designated in the Academic Calendar.

Academic Calendar 2011-2012: Leave

Faculty Leave Calendar 2011-2012

In lieu of the accrual of annual leave and in recognition of approved State holidays, provisions are made to grant full-time faculty, in FTE positions, a minimum of 172.50 hours (23 non-work days), per thirty-nine (39) week academic term (fall and spring semesters).

Of the total hours granted, 150.0 hours (20 days) are designated in the Academic Calendar as scheduled Faculty Non-Work days.

In addition, Human Resources will automatically bank 22.50 personal hours (3 days) at the beginning of the academic year for each faculty member.

This accounts for the minimum of 172.50 hours (23 days) that are awarded at a minimum to all faculty members at the beginning of the academic year. The 172.50 hours (23 days) breaks down into the 150.00 hours (20 days) that are designated in the Academic Calendar, and the 22.50 hours (3 days) of personal hours that are automatically added to the faculty member's banked time (Faculty Non-Work Day Bank).

A maximum of 37.5 hours may be banked per academic year, of which 22.5 hours HR will bank for you at the beginning of the academic year. It is the faculty member's responsibility to bank the remaining 15 hours of the 37.5 hours, if you so choose. Those 15 hours can consist of faculty non-work days, personal leave (for those faculty members with 10 years or more continuous state service), or a combination of both not to exceed the maximum of 37.5 hours per academic year.

• Faculty members shall be permitted to carry over from one academic year to the next any banked leave, up to a total accumulation of 337.50 hours (45 days).

Faculty Banking Form

Please refer to the updated Policy & Procedure regarding Faculty Non-Work Days (FNWDs):

Policy & Procedure - Faculty Non-Work Days

► Do You Wish to Donate Leave to the Leave Transfer Pool Program?

The Leave Transfer Pool Program is a way in which Horry Georgetown Technical College employees may voluntarily transfer sick and/or annual leave into a leave transfer pool from which other HGTC employees may request withdrawal for severe emergency and catastrophic circumstances.

Leave Donation Form - Faculty

Please review Policy & Procedure 3.3.6 to read more information regarding the Employee Leave Transfer program