General Exit Procedure

General Exit Procedure

On the upper left-hand side of this page, we have provided information regarding the General Exit Procedure with information and terms, Resignation/Termination, as well as exiting procedures with regards to Retirement.

"A letter of resignation will be submitted to the President with a copy to the immediate supervisor, Associate Vice President/Dean, Supervising Vice President and the Human Resource Office not less than two (2) weeks before his/her last work day. The letter will include the employee's name, position, and the date of termination.

The President will respond with a Letter of Acceptance. A copy will be forwarded to the immediate supervisor, the next ranking officer, and to the Human Resource Office.

Upon receipt of a copy of the letter of resignation and acceptance, the Human Resource Office will schedule an Exit Interview with the employee."

~*Please reference the 'Exit Interview for Termination of Employees' Policy & Procedure 3.1.10 for more information*~