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The Guided Plan for Success (GPS)

What is the GPS?  The "GPS" is the Guided Plan for Successto enhance student learning at HGTC by improving advising and academic support for students.

Will it impact students?

Absolutely! The Guided Plan for Success will help students to:

Define clear academic goals

  • Which major is best suited for my interests?
  • How do I balance college and work?
  • Do I plan to transfer to a four-year college?

Identify your learning needs

  • My Math skills could use a little help
  • Can good time management help me in college?
  • How can I increase my chances of college success?

Connect with resources to support you in achieving your goals

  • How do I make sense of the Financial Aid process?
  • Where can I find tutoring help if I need it?
  • Can the Career Resource Center help me connect with prospective employers?
By setting goals and seeking support in reaching those goals, students will realize better graduation rates, higher GPAs, enhanced learning and greater success at HGTC, in general.


Why did HGTC develop the GPS?

The College cares about student success and wants to see more students reach more of their goals!


The Guided Plan for Success: HGTC's Quality Enhancement Plan Supporting Student Learning


General Information

HGTC's Quality Enhancement Plan is theGuided Plan for Success(GPS), which seeks to support student learning as students define, pursue and achieve their academic goals.


GPS Summary

The Guided Plan for Successis a student-focused, student-learning centered initiative that grew out of institutional research and direct student input revealing the need and desire for more involved academic advising and ongoing support for students throughout the enrollment and learning cycles at HGTC. Specifically, students expressed their desire—and data supports the need for—more proactive, goal-oriented advising during the new student intake process, and more visible, available academic and support services during the student tenure at the College.

In response to student needs and the desire for positive learning outcomes, the Guided Plan for Successaddresses a broad cross-section of processes and services, including: new and returning student intake and advising, orientation and engagement, academic and support services, and career readiness. Elements to be incorporated in the Guided Plan for Success include a student-directed academic planning system, whereby students define and outline the steps to achieving their academic and career goals; a redefined new student orientation and new college success skills workshops; expanded tutoring services for students identified as “at risk” due to low rates of goal attainment; and ongoing workshops to equip students for academic and personal success.


Student Learning Outcomes

The Guided Plan for Success will support student learning as they: 1) identify and define their personal academic goals, 2) seek and utilize appropriate support services to address self-identified academic and skill challenges, and 3) demonstrate success in achieving their academic goals.Melissa Batten Roberts
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