Sections and Pages

Directory variables can be used to edit directory properties. Unlike section properties, these variables effect the current folder and all folders inside of it. Additionally, some of these values can be overwritten on a page by page basis. Only Administrators may set directory variables.

To change a directory variable, select the Access Settings Icon in folder view (highlighted below).

Access Settings

Then, scroll to the bottom of the screen to Directory Variables.

directory variables list


To modify an existing variable, simply type in a new value. If the value is grayed out, and not available for editing, select "New Property" and type in the same property name and the desired value.
This will overwrite the existing property.

Header ColorValues

This value refers to the CSS class applied to the header. Listed below are all the available header color values.

  • general-box
  • busi-tech-box
  • cont-educ-box
  • occu-tech-box
  • pers-care-box
  • engineer-box
  • heal-scie-box
  • info-tech-box
  • natu-reso-box
  • publ-serv-box